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Jewelry Box by tahliadenae Jewelry Box by tahliadenae
Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, so on and so forth. It's about time someone made them into brushes.
I wish I could've added more but cleaning up each one took ages, especially with all the chains :faint:
Photoshop 7.0 and above.

Please remember, Brush Artists don't receive profit for their brushes yet for all of you we make and upload them anyway. All we ask in return is that you give us CREDIT and SEEK PERMISSION BEFORE using them for profit (i.e. Prints). We hope you enjoy our creations, thank you in advance for using them. :)
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Denys-Roque Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used your brushes here [link]
Thanks =)
Bewinxed Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, im using this for a B-day gift, ^^
amnesssia Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2009
Hello :)
I used this amazing brushes here:
Thank U so much :rose:
ambivalentsoul Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2007
Downloading... When I use them, I'll let you know. Thank youu! ^^
tae- Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004  Professional General Artist
Brushes? AHHHHH, I'm confused!!!! *runs around*

Bah, anyway, their really good! Such pretty designs! X3
tahliadenae Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004
:giggle: Silly.

They're custom made brushes for Photoshop, I dunno if you're familiar with that program, but it's basically a brush shaped like a piece of jewelry or such :3
tae- Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004  Professional General Artist
oh really? And u made some?! THATS AMAZING!!! :D *runs around* ur really awesome X3
maemi Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2004
Ooo, very pretty! ^__^ I shall remember to one day steal those brushes when they're up again. And your jewelry. >_> <_< .. But I don't like jewelry, so I'll probably be better off stealing it and then selling it out. And then I'll -- *SHOE*

Awesome. ^.^
dboywheeler Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2004
Woo! Pretty! What gave you the idea of a jewelry box?
tahliadenae Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004
I have about a million sets of earrings. If it weren't for the fact that you can only have so many holes in your ears, I would buy more :XD: I love them so much, and I just realised I have a lot of jewelry that would look really pretty as brushes, and I haven't yet seen a brush set like this! Go my originality ;P

Thankyou for your comment, it's much appreciated :hug:
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November 15, 2004
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